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We have a passion with abs indicators on. The car had a bad left front bearing and light on dash. Ordered proper OEM part skf and pressed it into spindle. No more bearing noise but the warning indicators remain.
Snap-on soleus shows no signal from that sensor still but the other 3 have proper value. The scan tool does not have connector to test at wheel. Google search indicate it is a hall effect type sensor so testing continuity and resistance are no go. I did not try to backprobe wires at wheel well plug end to test for a/c voltage like some on you tube suggest.
Have swapped sensor pickup wire from drivers side to passenger side and scan results the same. This suggests no signal generated by magnets on bearing/bad part? Or wiring issue beyond the wiring section at the sensor plug end at wheel well. It travels short run under belly pan then goes through floor pan up inside car. No visible damage rodent or otherwise to report as others have found. Did not find where wires enter car on floor beneath carpet near accelerator pedal. Anyone have a wire diagram know where to find them? Can sensor be checked with multimeter(have) or oscilloscope(don't have) and turning the wheel hub at the wheel well plug? Suggestions Thanks
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