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I just completed and alternator change out on my son's Smart Fortwo Passion 2008. I was a bit worried when I read a few posts about disconnecting a motor mount and lowering the engine but I decided to go ahead with it anyway. Turned out to be less difficult than I had imagined. It took me a few hours to remove the old alternator but the new one went in a bit quicker. You do need to remove the passenger side rear wheel. Behind that there is a small plastic panel/guard held on by two large plastic panel fasteners. Simply pry the plastic pin out to remove the fastener. this gives access to the serpentine belt adjuster and the bottom alternator bolt. remove the belt adjuster by removing the single Torx head bolt. I had to tap mine with a hammer for it to come off.
Next I used a floor jack to support the passenger side of the motor. I then removed the three Torx head bolts that fasten the motor mount in place. I then lowered the motor a few inches. I used a wrench to remove the nut holding the main power cable to the alternator. I used a socket to loosen off the top alternator mounting bolt and remove it. The bottom bolt I accessed from under the fender well. Again I used a wrench to remove it. I found I had to pry the alternator up to get it released from the bottom bracket. I then removed the wiring harness plug by simply squeezing down on the plastic latching tab and pulling it out. There is a plastic plug for what looks like a temperature sensing unit on top of the engine that is in the way for removing the alternator. I simply removed the single hex head bolt holding it in place and rotated the unit to give me more clearance to remove the alternator. There was also a wiring harness plug on top of the motor that had to be removed.
Next I attempted to remove the alternator but had to lower the motor more then play around with different oreintations until I managed to get the alternator out.
To install the new alternator it is just the reverse of the removal. The only trick was with the serpentine belt adjuster. I didn't have the special tool for belt adjustment so I had a look online and found a video showing how to install the adjuster without the special tool by installing the torx head bolt just snug then prying the adjuster against the belt until the pin lined up with the hole and tightened the bolt as the pin popped into the hole. It seemed to work OK.
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