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Hello, New the the forum. I bought my first smart car in June 2018...I love the car! I live full time in an rv. I wanted a car to take everywhere and enjoy driving. It's my daily driver for work. Parked the F250. Mods done to car from place I bought it at are: race Suspension, rims, wheels, Injen air filter system, and dual exhaust system . Car now has 123,000 miles on it.

Car started acting up about 3 weeks ago. Runs great in cold weather and when cold for about 30mins. Warms up, then drives/ like a 16yr old kid learning to drive a stick shift for the first time. Then locks in one gear. Park car, turn off and will not start until engines/transmission cool off. Start car and no gears. Let car sit and completely cool runs and drive fine....repeats problem after driving for about 30mins.

Codes in system are: p805, p915, p1901, p1800.
I can't find any info on the p1901 code.
Dealership wants $$$$$ plus first born to fix..
Do I replace with new actuator, transmission or rebuild?
Do I need to buy new sensors?

I don't mind doing the work to fix and then let dealership flash computer.

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