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2008 Smart fortwo no handbrake.

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Hello I just bought a 2008 smart fortwo but there's one problem the handbrake does not engage at all, I can pull the lever up and down and nothing happens I've seen some posts about this but, nothing really in detail. Also the engine was swapped.
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If the engine was swapped and the cradle was removed to do it, they may not have gotten the e-brake hooked up when they put it back together.
It's kind of a pain to do as your putting things back together. Ask me how I know.
I'm not so sure how it could be done correctly with out taking the cradle assembly part way or all the way out?
I just did a engine swap well a complete subframe, 2008 brabus into a 2013 passion and the parking brake was up when I reinstalled it so I’m guessing that means I’ll have to do it the jack back under it take the bolts out and lower it and then put it back in? Is there no way to remove the lever from the inside?
So how do you know if it’s in the right spot? I can’t find a diagram or anything. I can pull up and wiggle the rod all sorts of ways but I don’t know if the rod is in correctly or not. I really hate lowering the subframe so much. Now I’ve lost a front bolt somehow it grew legs
I took a flat head screw driver pulled the handle all the way up as far as I could and made the rod face front and back and to the passenger side and it slid into place and the handle no goes all the way down without having to drop the subframe again
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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