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Hey guys,

Few parts left from my 2008 Smart Fortwo gasoline model car.

I am doing a Hayabusa swap into it, which is the reason for the part out. I am located in Alberta, Canada. Shipping costs are not too much for shipping to the States. I have sold many of the parts which I shipped to America, and the cost was reasonable.

Prices are cheaper than eBay. Prices are OBO. I have already reduced my prices from my last round of selling.

I can get you a shipping estimate, I just need to know which part you need, your zip code and city/state.

If a part is not listed, IT IS NOT AVAILABLE.

Vehicle Info:

- 2008 Smart Fortwo , 101000 KM = 62000 Miles
- All parts in working condition when removed
- No warranties implied, sold as is
- Prices do not include shipping (If you are doing a shipping calculation my info is as follows: City - Red Deer , Province - Alberta, Country - Canada, Postal Code - T4P 1H7

1 - Shifter motor $130
1 - A/C Compressor $70
1 – Rear frame (Frame that motor bolts to) $140
1 – Alternator $35
1 – Air injection pump $75
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