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2008 Smart Fortwo Passion 53k Miles - Needs Engine

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Blue with Black Trim
Heated Black Leather Seats
Fabric dashboard
Stock One-CD/Audio - Aux jack in glove box
Automated Manual (Non-"Stick Shift")
New Wheels and Tires
Fresh Oil Change
Two Spare Stock Wheels - One Front and One Rear

Everything is in like new condition except the following:

Engine - Was told metal shavings in oil and most likely timing chain is shot
Passenger (Starboard) Side Headlight - was replaced and bulb housing is not adjustable
Front bib/service flap - Small scratch on lower passenger (starboard) side
Brand new never been used Darwin Genius Gun Metal Wheels with also new never been used tires - Two 15x5.5 and two 15x6.5
Brand new CAM/CPS

Price: $2,500 OBO

Price is very negotiable - just make an offer and most likely it'll do it - just trying to break as close to even on the car as possible since the engine is shot and I was quoted around 5k on replacement

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Willing to transport via rented U-Haul for cost of gas and mileage (I will pay for U-Haul expenses)
Back story on how I ended up here
After a lengthy order time for the wheels and tires, the DAY I was scheduled to get them put on the Fortwo, it wouldn't start up. I ended having it towed in for it. I had changed the oil on Fortwo at around 51k miles, third time since owning (Bought at 30k miles), and evidently the crush washer was done for and prevented drain plug from tightening completely (unbeknownst to me) which lead to all of the oil draining on highway, took it in and mechanic replaced CAM sensor and oil. Car ran fine for about a week and then one morning wouldn't start up and I haven't been able to drive it since. Took it to three different mechanics each of which said it needs a new motor/engine and that it would cost about 5-8k to replace after parts and labor depending on used vs new.
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I can't message you, It's not listed, or maybe I missed it, is this convertable?

My apologies I completely forgot to list that. It is not a convertible.
I want to buy please contact me.

I have actually replaced the engine and the car is not completely functional and is unfortunately not up for sale at this time.

My apologies.
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