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2008 Smart won't start

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Recently I had the front springs replace and new tires installed. The smart ran fine and then several times the engine would stop and the radio stopped. Turn the key to on and the engine started and everything was fine and normal. Last Wednesday I went for gas and when I stopped at the gas station and turned off the key, a chime sounded, so I turned to key to the first on position and then to the off position. The chime sound was gone. I fueled up and when I turned the key to start the Smart, nothing happened. I was left stranded at the gas station. I did push the car to the side. Then after trying to restart the Smart several times, I got quite angry and punched the side of the console. Well needless to say, that NEVER helps anything. Then I could not get the key to turn. Yesterday I checked and found the yellow reset lever at the bottom of the console. Now the key does turn and, everything seems normal, BUT when the key is turned to full right to start position, all I hear is a sound from the fuse block, then a sound from behind me, I assume it is in the engine compartment, then a sound again at the fuse block. BUT the smart is nothing but a lawn ornament now. Any suggestions, other than the destructive thoughts I have considered? I can shift the shifter and all seems normal. I am thinking maybe a fuse or a starter problem.
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Biggest question is how old is your battery? And is that battery properly connected? An old battery isn't going to have enough power to please the computers and loose connections freak them out.
First thing to check is the battery. Since everything in a smart is electronic, even a low battery can be a problem. here are about a dozen ground points that also can cause problems. as can the battery cables. When you first turn on the ignition, the clutch and shift motors should make noise when you move the shifter (foot on the brakes)

For some reason lately, there seems to e a lot of failed clutch actuators. If the actuator fails, the car won't start. Dealing with that myself right now.
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