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... some traditional Mercedes owners are apparently not impressed with the smart...
hey! i think i know why!

notice how 'the obsoletor', obsoletes background vehicles parked on the curb. ;)

how would you feel, if someone else's all new 'bury me up to my neck in kittens cute' vehicle,

looked so good,

that in a moments glance, it obsoleted your (and all other) 3x more costly vehicle (s)?


hey, stuff happens. -shrug- :D

and then,
here comes $100 oil, and $4 gas,

- as a hypermiler states expectation of 60 mpg, may be possible for the gas usa smart,

- as a government mpg web site awards 2008 usa smart 'best mpg' all-gas production vehicle in america,

- as stats reveal 2008 usa smart taller, & more head room, than a lincoln towncar,

- as comparisons find 2008 usa smart convertible the lowest-priced-best-value new production convertible in the world,

its in their subconscious, but cant reach the conscious.

its 'banned by geneva' self esteem torture, churning in their gray matter, but they don't know it yet.

its enough to drive someone crazy. ;)

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