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I am posting this for my friend, who is relocating. They aren't a member of Smart Car of America. So I offered to post for them! :)

2009 Smart coupe odometer: 31500 VIN: WMEEJ31X69K277738 automatic transmission

I love this car so much, she has her own blog: love my smart car (Check it out for more pictures!)

"Roxy" is my kitted-out white and black 2009 smart forTwo passion. With only 31,455 miles (as of Jan 7th), she's in great condition! I've performed home maintenance routines every other week and she's had all her checkups. I wash and wax her by hand, vacuum her frequently and keep her in a garage. I wouldn't be selling her, but we're moving to Portland, OR, and it seems taking the bus everywhere is some sort of rite of initiation.

I bought her new, and I'm the only one who ever drives her. (She's my precious. Won't let anyone else take the wheel.) I used to take her on my 20 minute morning commute on 540 around 75mph before I started working from home. Loved blissing out to my favorite music on her upgraded audio system: multiple CDs, MP3 CDs, 2 tweeters, a subwoofer, and an audio jack to hook up your iPhone (I'll include that cord, free of charge!)

- Heated seats
- Fog lamps
- Upgraded sound system
- Stylish red upholstery
- Great gas mileage, around 40 mpg
- Roll cage

Bonuses! Because we're going car-free, I'm throwing in a bunch of goodies, too:
- cleaning and maintenance kit (all the brushes, soap, detailing sprays, waxes, etc. I researched just for this car--in two very handy buckets!)
- mini-vacuum, operable from cigarette lighter
- sun shield in case you have to park her under direct sunlight (ugh, gross! Keep cool with this!)
- ANTLERS FOR CHRISTMAS! (or every day ;)
- an older Garmin GPS (still gets me everywhere)
- 2013 Rand McNally Road Atlas (in case your phone AND GPS run out of juice!)
- smart edition CD rack
- smart edition organizer
- smart edition pull-over trunk cover
- rubber floor mats (easy to pull out and clean with a hose!)
- that cord to hook your phone into the audio system :)

Never been in a wreck or had mechanical issues! I don't smoke, and don't let passengers smoke in her.

Sold as is. Serious inquires only. If you want to buy a fabulous car that will take you where you need to be, call for "Roxy!"

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Wow, she has some really neat work too! :cool:
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