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So Ive got a blue cabriolet with only about 56k miles, seems low but Im not too sure with these smarts. The thing has some mechanical issues it runs rough ever since a missfire problem but I got new plugs and it sorted that out but it still runs weird cant figure out why. Im basically sick of this thing it runs and drives kinda normal its got hicups but I still drive it to school and back, but I need something different. Its blue with some weird custom pinstriping it was my fathers vehicle he hardly drove it so I got it for cheap when I needed something. I dont know what I want out of it I hate the price kbb gives me for the thing even though its 56k miles it makes me sad. Just want the thing gone Im located in the midwest. If anyone wants to help or wants to buy it let me know I can give you anything you need to know or want to see. I’d like to get $4K but I don’t know. It could use a bath the front splitter had a chunk missing from nailing a raccoon, no tpms in front left wheel all new air filter and silicone intake hose (thought it’d fix my problem but it didn’t) and the real tomei badge cause it’s funny I can take it off though. Located in Cleveland Ohio.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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