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Sorry: I can’t get the photos to load, but I have plenty I can email or text.

My wife and I bought this a few years ago as a New York City commuter and convert to a track car.

This thing is rough!!! The leather seating is all ripped and rotted, but they’re heated seats and miraculously they still work.

39,xxx or so on the odometer. Engine runs great. Rag-Top works, but it needs replacing or adjusting because it leaks.

I put Weathertechs in the front and rear area to stop water from getting in the carpeting, but the interior

I has 15” powder-coated black Brabus rims. I had 17s on all four corners, but they leaked air constantly so got rid of them.

I would love to keep it and restore it, but my 9 motorcycles are keeping me really busy...

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