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2009 smart fortwo won't start

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I have a 2009 smart fortwo coupe that will not start. when I turn the key on there is no lights come on on the cluster, tern signals work, radio works, lights woek, wipers work,dome light works, but nothing comes on on the instrument cluster and I can not move the shift lever out of park. Also thebrake lights do not work. I have tested the battery and I get 12 volt, battery passes a load test. The 3 fuses in the battery compartment are good, all the fuses in the fuse box are good. I have removed the brake light switch and it tested good. When I turn the key on I hear what sounds like a relay click in I think the fuse box and one that clicks back in the engine compartment. When I tun the key to start I hear another relay click under the dash. I have tried reseting the cluster and still nothing. Can anyone help?
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person with smart car wont start, mine doing same thing did you ever figure it out, mine had a cup of water spill on the dash, right over the fuse box then quit
thank you for replying so fast, im sorry when I said it quit right away it did not it made it home the when tried to start again next day would no start. can you tell me what the CAN BUS is, thanks
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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