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2010 Smart fortwo front coil spring failure

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I could hear some noise in the front, go take a look and there's not much room in the wheel well....

Looks like this car is going to need new coil springs, at least in the front. Its 10 years old, so I imagine there are going to be other suspension issues along the way.
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You don't need to pull the panel. There's a good writeup floating on here on how to pull the strut. There's a YouTube clip too. The Brabus springs are a bit thicker and will lower you. The EV springs are thicker and will raise you. Replace the top strut mount donut. Should probably do both sides at same time.
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Craftsman makes a set of pass-through sockets to handle the top strut nut. No need to pull the panel. I'd say replace the struts though if you're replacing the springs. Yours are 10 years old, I expect. Age and mileage both contribute. The rear shocks are simple to replace.
Soak the nuts for a day or so with good penetrating oil. There were originally rubber dust caps covering the access holes. Did yours have them?
Replacement parts ordered, I went with the Sachs replacements and decided not to lower it.
Hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be on the road for the first time.
What all did you order? What are struts running?
I ordered...
2x Bilstein struts ($130.00)
2x Sachs 998838 ($100.00)
3x Strut mounts + bearing ($40.00)
and some misc hardware that I might not need.
I bought the hardware and spare mount because I hate having to stop mid-project to wait for some odd part to arrive and spares because I have two Smart 451's.
Looks good. Who did you order from? I'm going to do my 09 in the spring, I think. I agree, an extra spare or two never hurts.
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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