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2010 Smart fortwo front coil spring failure

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I could hear some noise in the front, go take a look and there's not much room in the wheel well....

Looks like this car is going to need new coil springs, at least in the front. Its 10 years old, so I imagine there are going to be other suspension issues along the way.
Time to read...
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I ordered...
2x Bilstein struts ($130.00)
2x Sachs 998838 ($100.00)
3x Strut mounts + bearing ($40.00)
and some misc hardware that I might not need.
I bought the hardware and spare mount because I hate having to stop mid-project to wait for some odd part to arrive and spares because I have two Smart 451's.
Looks good. Who did you order from? I'm going to do my 09 in the spring, I think. I agree, an extra spare or two never hurts.
Looks good. Who did you order from? I'm going to do my 09 in the spring, I think. I agree, an extra spare or two never hurts.
I ended up ordering off eBay. Past experience has shown it can be hit or miss, but these days I see more and more reliable online vendors listing there as well. For what it's worth, there wasn't a lot of price difference between eBay listings and other vendors, such as SmartMadness (who have Eibach springs cheaper than anyone else I could find), but some parts I could only find on eBay, so I just got it all there.
While I'm waiting for parts I decided to pull the sway bar and dismantle the side with the broken spring (waiting to borrow/get a pair of compressors for the good side).
Taking the sway bar off was super easy like most cars. I disconnected the front underbody panel at the bumper and the swapbar slid right out.

The "hat" that slides over the strut took a little effort to work free, but it came off with some light tapping.

I don't see the "hat" listed on any of the parts diagrams and it did not come with the new struts. Mine look like they'll be serviceable with most of the rust having come from other parts as the "hat" apprears to be galvanized.
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Parts finally arrived and I threw them in, things wen't the reverse of removal, not much to it.Everything fit and appears to be working as expected, so this is done.
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Bravo! What's next?
Figuring out what I believe is an issue with the alternator, no new thread for that yet. I hope to start diagnostics this evening.
Getting close, so close, to having another working car.
New thread will be linked to from the main thread for this car, 2010 Smart ForTwo 451 (gtdump)
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