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2010 Smart FoutTwo

Car was driving fine

Parked for two days in rain without front hood in place

Since then - Car won’t turn over – suspected starter but no clicking.

Now occasionally see three horizontal bars on display - sometimes blank

Occasionally gear locks in either park or in neutral/drive ( allows shifting between neutral and drive but nothing else ) – key is also held in position 1 / 2 but cannot be removed but will easily turn between the two positions

Charged battery – no changes

Tried new battery - no change

Disconnect battery and wait 30 minutes before reconnect and I can then shift through gears and remove key but once I try to start - it gets locked in either park or neutral/drive and key again is locked in position 1/2

When battery connected after 30 minutes – computer resets, radio come on, whirring of pump and dashboard lights up – gear shift works and key is removable but still no start

When try to start – lights up – fuel pump engages – no starter or anything

If I try the gear lever slowly through gears to reset transmission – nothing changes and after attempted start – gear shifter locks

Anyone with thoughts
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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