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2011 Smart Brabus Rims

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I have a set of 4 Brabus rims that came off our 2011 at 8,000 miles. They are in perfect shape, and have a set of Kumho Solus tires on them, with good 1/4 inch of tread, but a date code of 1810 - so, 18th week of 2010.

Did I mention these are in perfect shape? I have individual photos of each rim if interested.

I would be happy if I could get $600 for all 4, plus boxing and shipping.charges.

Did I mention they are like perfect?

If interested, contact me at [email protected] The rims are in Portland, OR
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What you have there are not the wheels that came on the US spec Brabus cars. Your wheels were a $550.00 option in 2011 and standard on the Cocoa Brown special edition. The US spec Brabus cars came with 5.5x15 and 7.5x17 wheels. Your wheels are 4.5x15 and 5.5x15. Even the edge of the rim is different. Your wheels have a bead or ridge on the outermost edge. The US spec Brabus wheels are smooth to the edge of the wheel. Your wheels are nice and good luck with the sale. I just did not want someone to try to buy the wheels to replace their damaged wheels on a Brabus.
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Thank you so much. I just learned this am that the "brabus" came with 15's and 17's. Nice to know what I have.
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