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2012 AC Clutch Wire Location/color

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Does anyone know if there is a wire that goes to the rear to activate the AC clutch? And where can I tap into it and what color? It appears that my SAM is damaged and will not activate my radiator cooling fan. I cleared a fault that was caused when my fan locked up but the fault keeps coming back and the new fan won't come on - no power. I am installing my own circuit and want to turn on the fan when the AC clutch is engaged on my 2012 Smart Passion
I am hoping I can tap into it somewhere in the harness that is in the battery compartment, if so anyone know the color or some way to tap into it? I know I can do it with a switch, but I really would like for it to come on automatically when I turn the ac on. If anyone has a better idea how to know when the AC is on please help. I was really hoping I could find something at the SAM/Fuse Block. I bought a good Scanner (MK-808) and it does clear it, but comes right back.
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The AC clutch wires is SAM connector C10, terminal 2 and is a white wire. Here’s the schematic…

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Sorry, Budd, I did not realize you were working in a roadster. I hope the schematic is close enough to help.

In the case of the 451, the radiator fan turns on when the AC compressor is on, not not constantly. Before ripping the system apart, I suggest you have the AC serviced. There are a few parts in the AC system that work in conjunction with each other. If something is amiss, the system may not work as expected.

Just recently, I serviced my AC system. Prior to doing so, my cooling fan was somewhat erratic. I think the AC pressure may have been a bit low. After system service, it appears to be working better.

When I suggest service, I’m not just recommending to add a can of R134A - that can result in overcharging, overtaxing the compressor, inefficient cooling, and the inability of the condenser to return the R134a to a liquid state. In other words, overcharging is often times worse than undercharging and can result in damage. A sufficient undercharged system will simply not allow the AC clutch to engage and the system won’t provide cooling.

I hope this helps
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