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2012 Fortwo - Reworked head, now has problems

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Greetings from Denmark :)
I have a 2012 Fortwo, that i was so lucky to get, that after 4 weeks needed a new clutch and after 3 months, the headgasket blew and it only has like 93.000 mile/ 150.000 kilometers on it.
Its a gasoline 451 MHD passion (M 132.910) or (3B2 1) engine in it.

I reworked the head after the gasket blew, had a machine shop work the head with new valves, valve seals and so on, vac and pressure testet, and it was all good.
New chain kit and all gaskets for such a job was changed now i had it all out, new oil pressure sensor, and all fluids and filters was exchanged.

Sadly it doesnt run right, and here is where im lost for ideas, and hoping someone has some good imputs on a few problems.

1. VVT and Solenoid
3 days after i drove it home, it ran fine home on slow roads, then suddenly it started to run VERY rough after 3 days or so, expecialy at idle, allmost to the point where it would stall, but at least i got a code.
(P0018 - Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation)
As the chain was new and the car had run fine, i knew the chain wasnt a problem, so started to read up on VVT, i assumed my intake cam, where the VVT is was stuck at a odd angle.
I pulled the VVT solenoid and cleaned it in a ultrasonic bath, with little luck.
Then after looking at some schematics of various VVT systems i found out, that you can pull the solenoid out, just to where the o-ring is then start the engine and it will dump the oil from the VVT on the cam.

That worked like a charm, the car ran ok, but at times it was like it didnt adjust the VVT correctly, and lacked power, so i bought a new solenoid, and fittet it, no differnce, but at least it ran ok, untill today, where it started to run rough at idle again, so just pulled it out to the o-ring, started and back to normal after that procedure, ofc i had the code back.
Oil pressure seems to be ok 5 bars messured at the oil pressure sensor.

2. Eco light never switched to green
The Eco system worked fine before, now i never gets green, i do assume it might be due to problem 1, that it doesnt.
I have had one P2188 System Too Rich Off Idle Bank 1, that came on 20 days after, but it seem to run fine.

The injectors have ben cleaned and testet with no faults on them
Tried to spray some break clean arround intake to see if there was a broken gasket, nothing wrong
The break switch was replaced, that didnt do the trick, but it did get my cruise control working :)
Had MB dealership check it and upgrade the software for the gearbox, they found no errors on the entire system, but the gearbox got upgraded (that i knew when i bought it, had the flashing gear indicator and 2 wrenches on dash)

Theres so many variables for this eco system i have no idea where to begin, the temp is fine 80-90 degres, and fan turned on as it shoud at 100+-2

Im a little lost and we dont really have a smart community here, so here is my call out to the US, in hope of some tricks and possible fixes :)

Who has some good ideas to fix these problems :)?

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silly question but did you change the crankshaft or cam positioning sensors since u got that code
silly question but did you change the crankshaft or cam positioning sensors since u got that code
Nope, they are fine.
I simply bought a new engine, a brand new one, the problem as it turned out to be, was the VVT wheel at the end of the cam, it didnt adjust the ignition right.

What i found out was, i could shim the VVT solenoid up, with shim between engine and the hole where the bolt goes, then i could get it to run "decent", but never right.
And if i had to pull out the engine again, i didnt wanna bother with it, just in with a new one, didnt know they where that cheap in the first place, then i would never have reworked the head.
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