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2012 transmission fluid? I have found so many different answers

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Just purchased a 2012 Passion, 58k Miles, I’m pretty big on DIY and preventive maintaince. I have have done a lot of work on many other cars. I did quite a bit of research on the transmission fluid and thought I had a few options, GL4 , Redline, Amsoil, and also I came across other forums where overseas they were using dexron 3 ATF or equivalent backwards comparable to dexron 3 (Such as a synthetic Multi vehicle ATF) as equivalent or better than the GL4 or Rredline....
Headed off to the store and couldn’t find any redline or GL4. So I opted for the Valvoline Maxlife multi vehicle Dex/Merc. It is synthetic. And I have used it before in two different Mercedes we have have, it’s one of the few fluids that meets Merc specs. I Drained the old fluid which did have a minor amount of “glitter” it was a dark amber color but did not smell like gear lube? Replaced fluid with the Valvoline & did a short test drive and all seemed well. So I guess at this point I’m just doing a little bit of double checking since I have read so many different things on the transmission fluid on this little car before I go putting a lot of miles on it. It has a valve cover leak that I’m going to tackle next. So far it’s been a fun little car. I look forward to a few Mods ?
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This is what smart recommends, for it’s semi automatic transmission.
Technically it's an automated manual. The only thing automatic about it is the shifting. It has no torque converter, bands, planetary gears, etc. of an automatic. It's a manual transmission with a clutch and sliding gears whose clutch pedal has been replaced by a controller so the driver doesn't have to shift it themselves.
There might be a difference in interpretation of terms used. Automatics use torque converters and planetary gearsets or a belt between variable pulleys (CVT). Manuals use a clutch and sliding gears. Using actuators to control the latter, doesn't make them into automatic transmissions. I think semi-automatic referred to some transmissions back in the 40's or 50's that shifted automatically between two low and two high gears, but the driver had to shift between low and high.
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That's it but I got it locally for under $13. You're paying for shipping even though it's free.
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