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Hello everyone. I new to this forum and fairley new to smart cars. I have owned my smartie for about 6 months and it never failed to start. It's been setting for the last month, and when I went to start it today the dash lights all came on and you can hear the computer cycle and a series of beeps, but the engine would not turn over and The car will not shift out of park.

I checked for power at the starter solenoid and no power there when the switch is turned to the start position. Is there some kind of security system on these cars that I don't know about. Of course there was no manual with the car when I bought it.

Any help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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The brake pedal must be depressed to allow it to shift out of park. A solenoid locks it in park and depressing the brake pedal sends power to that solenoid to unlock the gearshift. So with the key on push the brake pedal and see if your brake lights come on. I check mine using a broom handle to push the brake while I stand at the corner of the car to check for brake lights. Try and do that on a Cadillac. There is a manual release to get it out of park down in the console next to the floor. There are threads here on that.
But I guess getting it out of park is the least of your worries if it will not start. You must have checked for voltage at the small wire on the solenoid when the key was in the start position? If there was no power at the solenoid we can assume the transponder (what checks for the chip in the head of your key) is not picking up your key. The SAM (fuse box) has a relay in it that actually triggers the starter solenoid. So if the transponder doesn't give the go ahead the computer won't start the car. Try a different key of you have one. Is there a flashing Key symbol on the dash where the "P" (park) usually lights up? That means it isn't picking up your key.
I think just for the sake of totally eliminating the starter or solenoid though I would jumper (wire or a screwdriver) between the large battery terminal on the starter and the little solenoid terminal to see if the start kicks in and rolls the engine. But be careful not to touch the big terminal to metal on the engine. Shorting out the big terminal to metal is gonna give you some sparks. DCO
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