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my highlline unit is like new never a glitch and has the latest firmware update unit come with usb and ipod connector onlly reason for selling unit i am going to try a android head unit the highline unit i really like the user friendly functions i have another car of mine with kenwood latest technology head unit and much more too the tune of $14000 dollars spent on the high end full blown audio system and far as head unit go the highline unit kicks the kenwoods units ass in every way so going to try android head . if your interested in my unit 325.00 and 25 dollors for shipping and very careful packaging if you are inside the united states my name is wayne 541/778/4247 :cheers:

Hello everyone! I would be so thankfull if anyone could sell me this Highline Stereo for my pulse fortwo smart. Pm me with a price and with the condition of the stereo, and we will take it from there! Thanks in advance for your time.

P.s. I will even pay the shipping for myself, and payment can be made either with paypal or with some sort of ebay or amazon transaction.


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