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2013 Smart ED no longer charges

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My brothers smart for two displays "malfunction" when plugged into a 120v or 240v charger. Before this it started with "HV System Workshop", but it would still be driveable. Now it displays "Drive sys engine off" and "Do not tow away" and it will not drive now.
After doing some checking I found that the DC-DC converter no longer charges the 12v battery. The 12v battery was replaced about 8 months ago.
The local MB dealer wants to replace the HV battery and refuses to do anything else until it is replaced. I've been a mechanic for 18 years now and I think their reasons are a load of BS.
Now I'm trying to find any service info I can, which is hard since the local MB dealer is of no help.
Does anyone know of a after market ob2 scanner that will work with a smart EV? The ob2 adapters that I have will not connect, so there must be something different between the gas vs. the electric(ED) version.
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Since the car should still be under warranty: why not let them do what they think is best, and not play the role of an "armchair quarterback"?
Good luck! (y)
With 76141 miles on it, there is no warranty. He did buy an extended warranty for the battery. I'm not sure what all that covers but unfortunately he stopped paying on it. After an expletive filled conversation with my brother I've at least convinced him to check on it's warranty status tomorrow.
I'd still like to find a diag scanner that works with the ED to avoid any problems in the future, that's if it can be fixed and he keeps the ED.
I'm sorry... I misread "2013": as "2018", so I assumed a warranty would still be lurking somewhere...
Small smartphone screen, and lousy eyeballs...
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