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Got new battery from dealer for free after starting issues
No problems since, love the car.
Took 3 diff dealers before I got proper service, will never go to the other dealers again.

So I have detailed trip info, temps, SOC, etc etc.
I am part of a rewards program where I will earn $$ in gift cards for charging at proper times etc.

I am able to go 20 miles to work, and many times charge there, but even if I cannot charge there I make it home ok.
I really want to charge at work when its cold. Takes 2hrs to get back to 100%

Love the car, to do list of things adding to it
1. Cruise control, bought an old school do it yourself cruise, going to try and install, ran out of warm days so it may need to wait until spring.
2. Got cheap DRL to mount on front.
3. USB phone charge ports always on.

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Are you talking about the 12v battery?

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