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2013 Smart ED

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Greetings. Just bought a used Smart ED. I previously had a gas-powered version years ago and loved it. I’m planning on using the ED to commute to work (I can charge for free there). I paid $4500 for the car and it includes a 220v wall-mounted charger. 47,000 miles and in great shape. My question is that when fully charged it only shows 58 miles for the range. Is this normal or are my batteries just not up to snuff anymore? It’s not an issue for me because I don’t need to drive this far to work but just curious what others see when at 100% charge.

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On mine I get low 80's in summer and low 70's in winter in coastal NC where the cars are always garaged and temps rarely get below freezing. I never use the heater or the AC. Driving style does matter as mentioned. My wife's coupe gets 5 to 10 miles per charge less than my cabriolet, but I take it as a challenge to squeeze out as much range as I can. :)

First thing I'd do if I were you would be to make sure that the 12v battery is not the original. Draining that can ruin your whole day if you've read some of the posts here.

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