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Comes with:

-Moon-roof and retractable interior cover
-Chromed wheels
-Chromed antennae
-LED Daytime running lights
-BRABUS side skirts and rear fender design
-Dual exhaust
-Surround sound speakers
-Adjustable ambient interior lighting
-Blackvue HD Front dash-cam with 64GB memory card
-Navigation system
-Phone mount
-Cruise control
-Heated leather seats
-Rear cargo compartment cover
-Deer alert whistles
-Including extra items with it, like maintenance and emergency supplies and the original antennae

Pretty much, when I went to the dealership to have the car's custom options added, I just picked everything.

I live in Upper Marlboro, MD. So I imagine this will likely appeal the most to those in the MD, VA, and Washington DC areas.

44,494 miles on the odometer currently (test drives will of course change that a bit)


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