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Generally, you don't need to run the battery down to near zero (when the warning messages start and you go down to one bar on the power indicator) to get a good range estimate - and don't trust the "range remaining" indicator - it is usually very conservative especially in warm weather. Instead, just reset the trip odo and use the SOC gauge. For example, yesterday, I drove about 36 miles over typical conditions and terrain with the gauge going down to 60 percent. That would correspond to 90 miles per charge. But the range left indicator showed, at that point, only about 35 miles left or about 70 miles total range.

Just like the fuel economy ratings in IC engine cars, the EPA range rating is conservative if the car is driven carefully for economy in good weather. In the case of the new Smart ED, it is too conservative except in well below freezing weather.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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