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Completely conventional brakes. Anyone whom you'd trust to do brakes on a normal car can do the Smarts as well.

I think I recall on another thread that you changed your own tires for snow tires.
If you can do that part of the job, that's at least 1/3 of the effort to change the front brakes.

I'm also in MA and am a fan of the coated rotors (for a little more rust protection on the non-swept portion). I'd probably get the coated rotors ($29 ea on Rockauto) and the Akebono EUR1252 ceramic pads (I'm a huge fan; they're all I use on any of my cars that can use them; very little dusting and I've never had a noise issue) ($39 on Rockauto).
Put 2 rotors and the pads in a cart, apply a 5% Rockauto discount code [10703653554843330], add tax and ground shipping to Cambridge, and I get $113.46 delivered.

I would stay away from aftermarket drilled/slotted/plated/doo-dad'd rotors on cars that didn't come factory equipped that way. The Smart electrics in particular seem to have plenty of braking power already.
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