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I had 1 crank bearring mess up on me and I had it fixed but my Mechanic butchered the car so I decided just to part it out instead of trying to sell the car as a running car since it runs but doesn't run right. I purchased the car with only 6,000 miles and now it has 110,000+ and it still drives like new as these Smart Cars run easily up to 250k to 300k miles. I have every part imaginable so let me know what you need or if you would prefer to purchase the whole car complete. The whole clutch system is new (installed by Mercedes West Covina). Interior is complete with all the bass as well. I can deliver some any parts or you can pick them up from the Inland Empire or you can pay for shipping. I can be reached here or at (626) 862-7008. Oh yeah, it's a California car.


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