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The car would not start. Itried to start bu t I shifted into rev then drive first. The R and D showed 0, then showed must be inP to start. I connected jumper cables from wife's car, as soon as they touched the terminals the car would start, almost as nothing was wrong. This happened three more times over the next htree days. Ihad it towed 70 miles to dealer. It was there for a week and it started every time the tech tried. It was flat bedded home and 1 day later the same thing happened. When it does not start you shift from park and message not in park but R nor D show on the screen. I touch the battery terminals and the car starts immediately. I can start t
he car five times in an hour or two, then it will not start without jumpers. At every failure, I take a battery voltage reading and alwaYS 12.8 TO 13.1 VOLTS.
I have also used a 12 volt load tester on the battery and battery show at the weak line next to good. The MB tech says a load tester will not work on an AGM battery. They want me to bring the car back for a week or two to see if they can duplicate the no start problem. The car is out of warranty and these round trips cost over $400.00. Can any one help? I love the car and do not want to get rid of it but my wife refuses to drive it now. It has 28000 miles on it and it looks like new and runs great.
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