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2015 Fortwo 451
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Hello everyone, looking for advice on speaker replacement. I know what you're thinking... yes I've done the research, searched far and wide for a straight answer but it seems to be quite illusive. Head unit JVC KW-R925BTS / KW-R920BTS (I belive its the former of the 2), most likely stock speakers and there are no tweets, amp or sub. I pretty sure I'd need a 3-way speaker and I can remove the door or come from the inside to replace which I can certainly do myself. I'm simply wondering if I can get a great sounding 3-way speaker and which specific one has anyone had success with. I'm after decent bass but not muddy like I think I would get from a 2-way. I think I have a decent head unit that can deliver the goods but wondering what your thoughts on amps, subs and tweets are? I quickly learned with these cars that you need to do a lot of things yourself since most places won't touch it, haven't ever seen one before, are afraid of them or want $200+ for an oil change (no thanks... I'll do it for $40 lol) . Thanks so much for any help and specifics that work well with your sound system and here's the info...

Maximum Output Power
50Wx4 or 50Wx2+50Wxl(Subwoofer:4Q)

Full Bandwidth Power
(at less than 1 % THD)
Preout Level/Load (CD/USB)
4Q 8Q
4000 mV/lO kQ load

Preout Impedance

Operating Voltage
(l0.5 V 16 V allowable)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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