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Now 09 451 Passion Cabriolet Met Blue & Silver First 08 451 Passion Cabriolet Yellow & Black
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Awesome news!

Once again begs that question of, if an electrical circuit (like the dome light WITH IGNITION OFF) shows a continuous draw why doesn’t it time out? We have other “nannies” to save us from our human frailties?

$175 battery replacement can provide some invaluable peace of mind when 12V FAILURE can leave you with a smart SLED!

Fact, unless you are the original owner you have no idea what abuse the batteries may have seen? Charging frequency, unprotected storage in the deep of Winter?

Based on the 451 HV risk, if you are still “rocking” an OEM 12V you should seriously consider replacing that battery soon!
My 2001 Ford 150 and my 09 Toyota Yaris both timed lights out after 3 minutes if the ignition wasn't on.

$175-$200 for a new battery every 3 or 4 years especially in an EV / EQ, is pretty cheap insurance and piece of mind.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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