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I have used this car for over 2 years now. Never had any issues until today. I have always charged at home at 220V.

The HV Battery State of Charge was at about 60% at last check yesterday. So, I'm pretty sure this is not a case of full discharge. I can't unlock the charge door to connect. Needless to say the car sits stranded on my driveway.

What are my options?
Thanks a lot in advance!
The locking charge cap is a left over annoyance for the ICE version.. No one is going to suck electrons from the battery. When I got my my used Smart, I used my dremel and cut out the little end part on that channel on the cap itself. That way, while the locking pin still technically pushes into that cap channel there is no end for the pin to hit and keep the cap from opening and therefore never locked. It will be supereasy to plug that end again should I want to lock the cap again in the future.. But for now, easy charging should I not have my keys with me… Granted this only works because it was a manually opened cap door to begin with. If they had used the pin to actually “pop” the door open like on some cars, this fix would not work.. ;)
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