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2015 Smart Fortwo Passion

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Hey guys. I seem to have a problem, my car wont start. I've tried taking off the connectors for a while, I've tried putting the key on and out the ignition while pressing lock and unlock and I even tried it from the outside. The key for will work for unlocking, locking and the trunk but not for starting the car. The radio and everything will turn on but on the dash board is just a key symbol. I'm unsure what to do I've tried alot of techniques. I just bought the car yesterday ?
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The key symbol means the immobilizer is activated. possibly the 12v battery is too low to start the car, that would be my first guess. Battery is located under the floor mat on the passenger side of the car. There should be a grey plastic disc holding a big piece of foam under the carpet, unscrew it and lift the foam out of the way. Charge the battery (or jump start) and see if that works.
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