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2016 453 ICE oil color is black

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Hello All. I’ve now put on about 4000 miles on my 2016 Ed 1. I changed the oil when we bought it with 11000 miles just to feel good about starting fresh. I noticed that the oil color was a little dark, figuring that perhaps it had not been changed or serviced. It was a rental car return that I bought off a used car dealers lot. I’ve been checking the oil regularly as of approach 4000 miles now and noticed the oil getting darker quickly. Now the oil is very dark, (indications of soot?) and it has driven me to wonder if since this is my first turbocharged car. Does that create the quick darkening because of the demands of the Turbo? Looking online it appears other makes with turbo charged engine’s have similar effects and it shouldn’t be something to worry about
I’m contemplating doing an oil analysis, but was wondering if others have experienced the same rapidly darkening oil color?
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I am using Amsoil mb 229.5 synthetic Which is the same oil are used in our old 2008 smart. Never saw any significant oil darkening in that motor
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