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2016 453 Issues

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Only a handful of miles below 20K when the following occurred over the past couple of weeks:
*Check engine light - no change in performance or mpg
*Messages displayed sometimes at startup:
- No traction control
- No stability control
- No cross wind assist
- No brake assist
- No ABS
*Speedometer freezes at reading when messages start
*Radio doesn’t remember cell phone pairing
*Sometimes had to turn heat all the way up to get warm air
*Harsh downshifts into 2nd and 1st
*When error messages started, speedometer froze
*When error messages started, gas gauge fluctuated wildly from
current level down to last bar with low fuel warning

One time, after traveling 1/4 mile and pulling out on main highway got the following message:
- Transmission overheat

Power dropped to limp home level but immediately came right back up. Repeated a few times then totally normal. Transmission wasn’t even warm on that 35F night.

Up to this point never had an issue with the car over 2 years. Not really looking for help, just detailing issues for other 453 owners to see. Will update after it goes to Germantown, MD dealer next Fri the 13th! Lol. A loaner is already reserved for the day and longer if necessary. Dealer is about 1.5 hours away. If car disables before I leave or on the way they will come pick it up on their dime.
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Update of service for issues mentioned in first post. I have also updated first post to include more issues I didn’t list at first:

Dropped off my 453 at Euro Motors, Germantown, MD on Fri 4/13/18. Received a VERY NICE 2018 C300 4Matic. What a nice car! Such a pleasure to drive. Turbo in-line 4. Responsive yet easy on gas. Averaged over 30 mpg for the 5 days I had it and put on more than 200 miles.

Picked up my smart on Wed 4/18/2018. The following recalls were performed:
*Replace parking brake nut on cable
*Install vertical headlight limiter caps
*Update ESP software for ABS & TCS
*AC refrigerant update pages for manual

The following warranty work was performed addressing issues I listed in the first post:
*Replace coolant shut off valve. Jammed in open position. Drained and replaced coolant
*Replace left rear rpm sensor for electronic stability
*Transmission software update - harsh downshifts into 2nd and 1st
*Radio software update - erratic cell phone pairing. Not remembering pairing

Car performed perfectly on trip home. It is amazing how two simple components caused all the error messages and issues. Glad it wasn’t more serious. Surprised that the 2 parts were in the local warehouse and at the dealship 2 days after being ordered. Excellent customer service at Germantown, MD Euro Motors.
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