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2016 453 Modifications :P

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OK, thought I would put this up. This Christmas, I installed an aftermarket arm rest (from Canada). Very nice if I say so myself. Lowered the rear view mirror. Hack sawed the pot metal stud off and made a half inch extension, threaded the mirror numb with a 8/32". Now I can see past the head liner drop in the back. Also had the blue tinted spot mirrors added to the wing mirrors. I knew there was some blind spots, but when I missed a semi next to me? Yea, something had to be done.
Still on the list is LED fog lights to go in the lower grill area, and a 1940's hood ordainment I found from a Ford that would fit and looks like the C from the smart car logo. Still have to get a LED light fitted and clean up the chrome. Yea, it's over the top but it's my car.
Also have the forward camera installed the first week I got the car. I have been saving the video's of people cutting me off. Even have a police car pushing in front of me. I just have to find how to remove the overhead lighting to wire the camera in properly.
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Any chance you can post a pic of the rear view mirror? I've been wanting to lower mine as well just wondering the best way to do it.
OK here's some pictures. I had the original mirror tapped and threaded and used it for 2 weeks. But today I swapped it out with a after market, chopped the window mount and threaded the end for a 8-32" screw. Already I can see an improvement. Mainly from being closer to my head and smaller size and can see around it. The only concern is shaking from the road. But it's a process.

Update, The smaller after market mirror is better. I can see what's behind me! Yea on bad roads or vibrations the mirror shakes, but not that bad. About as bad as the original. And the day/night works better too. I'm happy with this.


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