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The 2016 EV's are still a 451 right? That being the case, the battery should still be under the passenger side carpet. There is a sticky at the top of this forum that details the procedure for changing the 12v battery..

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The 2016 EV's are still a 451 right?
The US changeover from 451 to 453 can be confusing.

This blast from the past may help, thanks Mister_smart_LA...

2015 gas or electric = 451
2016 electric = 451
2016 gas = 453
2017 gas or electric = 453
2018 = 453 electric only (gas discontinued)


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AutoZone shows that the battery size is H5/LN2. Is that correct?
Did you try to recharge the battery? Quite seriously, DO NOT leave a Smart ED with a dead battery connected! Charge it! Other posters should have been a bit more shrill with that warning.

And yes, an H5 is what the chain parts stores specifiy and it will work. It is the replacement that I bought. It is slightly longer but fits fine. You may have to bend a tab on the hold down clamp.
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