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The title may sound complicated, but I have a 2016, that for whatever reason, there is no power going to the window switches, the climate control console, the interior lights, or the led that flashes for the Hazzard light (the Hazzard themself still work), there is an indicator that now pops up when I start the car saying "malfunction visits service center" or something and it has the airbag/safety system indicator.
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I do know that the car MIGHT have gotten pretty wet (doors open)
The manual shows that fuse 33 actually has almost all those things running through it, so I checked the fuse and it is fine, even replaced it anyway just in case. The problem still persisted.

I then began to just check every fuse. All fine UNTIL fuse 15 (ESP®). It's blown, and when I try to replace it, it immediately blows, whether car is on or off.

I think it's a short between these two lines, esp and 33, but I can't find a wiring diagram for the car, and don't know where in the car they could be shorting.
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Further backstory is, I rent for with turo, and a guest had the car.
She goes over a bump and the rear view mirror falls down (I've had the front windshield replaced so it's not shocking) the rain sensor wires came lose, and we're not in the connector anymore. I've tried to reseat them but it seems that connector is broken now. She said that she got into the car and tried the heat, and windows only to have them not work, as well as the lights.

I have NO idea if that has anything to do with the mirror falling. But they happened the same night.

Any help would be amazing...the shop wants 200$ just to diagnose it and I'm pretty sure I know what it could be.

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…one at a time…set wiper mode to off or remove fuse 25 front wiper to isolate the loose sensor wires…

…how wet did the car got ?…doors open you said …remove central locking fuse 32…doors hold the lock switches…
…33 is a big guy …it contains parking aid button but fuse 20 is the sub-circuit for parking aid as an example…short of pulling every fuse and start to re insert each and everyone of then it will be a time consuming task…without a diagram is hard to chase sparks…
…make sure fuse box is dry…same with SAM and battery box…

jetfuel…the hardest part is to put the smoke back in the wire…
So my car doesn't actually have auto wipers. I think there are a few redundant things from the higher-end Smart car model that has more Electronics. So the rain sensor is there for some reason.
I only thought to include that because it happened right before the power loss issue. But the power loss is the biggest problem.

I included a picture of the fuse page of the manual. Which would you suggest to look at?
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