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2016 Smart for Four: Should I buy it or not ?

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Good afternoon everyone,
I am a new driver, have just gotten my license and I thought I would come here since I do not really understand in cars, especially the engines.
Basically, I am thinking of purchasing a second hand smart for four 1.0 71 Prime Premium from 2016.
The car has 28,000 miles, Petrol, and is auto-clutch, colour grey and Grade 1.
Now I do not really understand some things, but basically, I am being asked 12,000 euros which for me is ok, because i am from Europe and if I had to import one myself (from the UK) I would be charged the new 28% VAT and Customs fee due to Brexit and on top of that the shipping fee, therefore I found this price good. The MOT tests failed due to tire thread but the previous owner arranged it and it passed the MOT test the next day, thats all I know as far as vehicle history. (2019 vehicle history)
Anyways, what I am asking here is what is your experience with this car as I have heard that some people are having trouble with the petrol smart cars, apart from the good things I heard, I am not ready to spend thousands on maintaining the car due the car already being at such a price. So do you think in the long run it is worth it.
Moreover I was interested in a 2015 mazda demio too due to the reliability of Japan Imports, but i find the size of the smartforfour far much better living in such a small country, and I also prefer the look of the for four.
So sorry for the long Question but do you think that in the long run it would be worth it, I would highly highly highly appreciate your advice
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Hello, thank you for your reply. There is a Mercedes and smart dealer but it will be useless going there since I am buying a 2016 used car. But there is a very good smart mechanic near me who specialises in smart cars.
Hello, Yes I think its because the MOT test (history) is due to be done this January, but no the car is not local I am importing it from the Uk through a dealer but actually before it will get important they will send a mechanic to view the state of the car, any rust, any accident history, and otherwise the dealer wont purchase it for me. This is a trustworthy dealer who will not go through the hassle of buying a faulty car at the expense of ruining his reputation.

When I went Car viewing I did bring someone Knowledgeable but there just was not many cars. There were a lot of Japan imports because in my country they bring a lot of the same models if they know that they sell. I am deciding to import from the UK as many do in my country since they are also left hand drive.
What country are you in?? I don't think you can import to USA any make/model NOT sold in USA before. Or
must wait 20 years until it is considered a "classic". And who would sell you insurance??......................
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