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2016 Smart for Four: Should I buy it or not ?

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Good afternoon everyone,
I am a new driver, have just gotten my license and I thought I would come here since I do not really understand in cars, especially the engines.
Basically, I am thinking of purchasing a second hand smart for four 1.0 71 Prime Premium from 2016.
The car has 28,000 miles, Petrol, and is auto-clutch, colour grey and Grade 1.
Now I do not really understand some things, but basically, I am being asked 12,000 euros which for me is ok, because i am from Europe and if I had to import one myself (from the UK) I would be charged the new 28% VAT and Customs fee due to Brexit and on top of that the shipping fee, therefore I found this price good. The MOT tests failed due to tire thread but the previous owner arranged it and it passed the MOT test the next day, thats all I know as far as vehicle history. (2019 vehicle history)
Anyways, what I am asking here is what is your experience with this car as I have heard that some people are having trouble with the petrol smart cars, apart from the good things I heard, I am not ready to spend thousands on maintaining the car due the car already being at such a price. So do you think in the long run it is worth it.
Moreover I was interested in a 2015 mazda demio too due to the reliability of Japan Imports, but i find the size of the smartforfour far much better living in such a small country, and I also prefer the look of the for four.
So sorry for the long Question but do you think that in the long run it would be worth it, I would highly highly highly appreciate your advice
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The U.S. got slightly less than 10,000 smart petrol 453s before they were discontinued here. I have a 2016 with 40,000 miles and have had only one problem early on that was covered by warranty. It was a valve under the bottom of the car that a few others here on the forum also had problems with. Wasn’t an engine or transmission issue. We got the .9L turbo motor here. Which one is in the car you are interested in?
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