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2016 smart for two transmission issue

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I'm dealing with a 2016 smart fortwo that has a check engine light on and is saying check transmission on the instrument cluster. I've tried scanning it with the snap on various pro scan tool and it does not want to communicate with any modules on the car. I was reading in some of the other forms sounded like somebody else had the problem when you put it in drive doesn't want to shift but you can put it in the manual mode and shift it manually. But when you shift it manually it almost feels like the clutch is slipping a little bit. Any ideas why the scan tool won't communicate or what's up with the transmission would be very helpful. Thank you in advance For any advice.
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The Mercedes operating system in our Smarts can be somewhat temperamental. Generic OBD2 code readers should be able to diagnose common problems, but issues specific to the Smart require a reader with the specific code set. There are a few code readers that some users have used with greater success, but for complete diagnosis, a Mercedes Star Diagnostic machine is the way to go.
Sounds like your shift actuator might be getting flaky. You can try adjusting it by movie it in 1/4” or so, then doing a transmission relearn. If that doesn’t work, it might be time for a new actuator. It’s on the bottom of the engine and relatively easy to access.

To adjust, loosen the three reverse-Torx bolts, push in a little (it’s spring loaded so you will need to hold it in place) and retighten.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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