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Hi folks,

This morning my cars 12v battery died overnight, this is the second time this has happened, this time last year was the first. The dealer scratched their heads back then after having it in the shop for 1 month.

So this time I knew to just attach a battery booster to get it started and that worked.

Then I noticed that my radio was not playing music and I couldn’t change the station, in fact any radio related function didn’t work. I connected my phone to the radio by cable and although the radio showed the song it should be playing, there was no volume and no ability to press play or turn the volume up. The navigation worked but I could not pinch and zoom.

So I reset the radio to factory as is located in the settings. Still nothing worked. When I looked at the status of the radio, it said it was not connected.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I know I will need to bring it back to the dealer for the battery problem and now most likely the radio problem unless you folks have found a solution to my radio problems.


Update: I've been told that the radio might be locked, does anyone know how to enter the radio code - I have the code I just don't know how to get the radio to the point where I enter the code - any thoughts?
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