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Hi Folks,

After officially recording the results of every day that we drove our 2017 Smart ED for a year using the app ‘My EV App’, I have results that is real world. Some may drive their Smart ED's more efficiently, others may drive their Smart ED's in warmer climates but for us, as relatively 'take it easy' drivers, these are the stats.

I live in Ottawa Canada so we’re hit with the cold of winters.

I keep my Smart in my garage and I use a Level 2 charger, paying 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour off peak.

The stats I’m about to reveal is not hyper mile driving, in fact my wife boots around town like she’s a racing driver. We drive 95% of the time in the city below 50 mph (80 kph).

We’ve chosen to measure overage efficiency using 160 kms (100 miles) per charge and not the EPA’s 101 kms (63 miles) range, you might use the EPA range instead but for us, if we would have used the EPA rating, we would have consistency exceeded 100% efficiency on days that we got over 101 kms and that just made no sense to us.

While we would love to have the smart automatically connect to an app and give us all this data, we had to enter each days results manually in the ‘My EV App’ which wasn't that big a deal. The app tracks SOC start and end, distance, temperature and compares each trip cost to our gas vehicle so we know our savings per trip, per month, per year. Our gas here on average for the year was $1.20/Litre or $4.54 per gallon (1 US gallon converts to approx. 3.78 Canadian Litres).

The app primarily displays the distance travelled per each 1% of battery, they refer to it as d%b and looks something like d%b = 1.6 which would mean 1.6 x 100% of battery gives you 160 kilometres (100 miles) depending on the unit of measure you want to track with. It then measures the real world battery usage efficiency so that if your d%b is .80 then your efficiency is 50% if you use 160 kms as your max range.

Interestingly, just as we have ‘gas guzzlers’, EV’s also have electricity guzzlers - my lifetime average d%b is 1.19 (74% efficiency) while my sons bolt is 1.13 - it's a heavier car.

Nuff said about all that, now comes the data we’ve collected:

I’ve driven and recorded a total of 273 trips for 9,410 kilometres ( 5845 miles).

My lifetime average d%b is 1.19 or 119 kms (74 miles) / chg

Avg winter driving d%b = 0.76 or 76 kms (47 miles) / chg
Avg spring driving d%b = 1.19 or 119 kms (74 miles / chg
Avg summer driving d%b = 1.43 or 143 kms (89 miles) / chg
Avg fall driving d%b = 1.21 or 121 kms (75 miles) / chg

My monthly d%b is:

Jan. = 0.69 or 69 klm/chg
Feb = 0.86 or 86 klm/chg
Mar = 1.06 or 106 klm/chg
Apr = 1.18 or 118 klm/chg
May = 1.32 or 132 klm/chg
Jun = 1.28 or 128 klm/chg
Jul = 1.07 or 107 klm/chg
Aug = 1.23 or 123 klm/chg
Sep = 1.22 or 122 klm/chg
Oct = 1.21 or 121 klm/chg
Nov = 1.09 or 109 klm/chg
Dec = 1.15 or 115 klm/chg

As mentioned earlier, the app allows you to add a gas car to compare each trip’s cost - so we have a Rav4 Hybrid and we enter the cost of gas that we see at the pumps periodically. This calculates the total savings we experienced, here’s what we learned:

We saved $858 for the year or about $72 a month which for us amounts to around 2 tanks of gas a month.

For each trip we made if we drove 50 kilometres our EV cost would be $0.65 while the Rav4 would have costed $5.05, basically our cost per kilometre is .01 cents compared to 10 cents using our Rav4.

The app provides lots of additional info that I reviewed during the year such as:

Graph comparisons:

Temperature vs kms/kWh
Temperature vs kms/Battery %,
Temperature vs kWh consumed by season
Temperature vs estimated range.

So in conclusion, I never thought I’d actually record an entire year of driving but after doing so, I find the information very valuable, no guessing so I will continue to record my trip info for another year for comparison sakes maybe it'll provide me with clues as to my battery condition over time.

Just sharing my experience.


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