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3d printed T90 Torx Tool

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A few years ago I needed a T90 Torx to change the 451 EV desiccant cartridge. The Germany version from McMaster was too expensive for a seldom used tool. Not wanting to buy the much cheaper versions made in an authoritarian country, I searched for the Torx specification and found ISO 10664. I modeled and 3d printed my own T90 Torx tool.

The first couple iterations worked, but wasn't the best. Anyway, it's time for another desiccant cartridge change. I made some changes to strengthen the tool and cleaned up the OpenSCAD file used to generate the 3d model.

The T90 Torx tool was printed on a Prusa Mini+, using PETG filament for better durability. The 3d model along with the OpenSCAD file can be found on

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I didn't know 14mm allen wrench also works. On McMaster, a US made 14mm allen key is only $11.12. Oh' well, it's a learning experience :)
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