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Hi all, I have a spare set of red body panels for the 450 coupe that I am looking to sell. They came with the car when I bought it, and have never been used. I believe certain parts may be compatible with other models, but I know that they should fit the 450 fortwo coupe model (03-07). I have:

1 Front Centre panel
1 Front Arch panel (passenger side)
2 Door panels (driver and passenger side)
1 Trunk panel (the panel where the license plate goes, not the lower bumper)
2 Rear Wing panels (driver and passenger side)

Please reach out to me if interested and I can email you the photos of the parts. I have seen each of these parts go for over $100 CAD on Ebay, but I would be happy to get $500 for all. I am located near Vancouver, BC so I could potentially meet near the border or I could ship as well, although I believe that might be a costly route.

Please reach out at [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions! Thank you :)
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