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Using the Google translator, here's what it says:

"The problem with the soft top is the point at which it binds to tridión the front. Is a simple canvas with nothing to hold the anti-tridión. Neither a simple wire or metal or anything that adjustment that does not pass this. "

"I do not know if they have not been able to do, or have not wanted, but seeing the mechanism visabras bearing the hood, I do not think that would be very unreasonable to make some metal pieces shaped visabra that when the hood is climb, so pressure against goma's tridión not to be the loose fabric, because it is so loose. highway And speed is heard as the cloth moves. not had the opportunity to test with simultaneous rain and wind, but when I handed the car, the first thing I made was descapotarlo, and the entire machinery of irons there on the side of the car, just glued to tridión was full of drops, which is not an encouraging picture.

Regarding the rotating Bezel back, it is glass, and as to lower the bottom of the hood, is going forward regardless of the canvas, is only sujera by the top and bottom, leaving the flanks loose, and we can hand like this. I imagine what will be under pressure this car wash or hose. "

"I must say that the car was 4000 km, which is not much, and how little time you have the car, which was May of this year, already has these problems, with the time when the fabric assigning a little, it can be horrible.

You're probably going to have to use your imagination to get all the info out of this, but it gets close.
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