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451 Cabrio 2nd Phase Of Top-Down Not Working

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Newer Smart 451 owner here.
Friends Cabrio canvas top goes back fine, but once it gets to the back where the roll bar type mechanism is supposed to fold back and down, it does not do so.

Again, the canvas slides back fine and 80% of the top is open, when it gets most of the way back, the mechanical mechanism that folds back the last 20% doesn't work.

Anyone else had this problem? Any tips or commentary is welcomed.

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Thank you for the comment! I believe we already tried that, but I will try again and let you know.
Hey @B_in_SD , are you in San Diego? If so I also have the same issue, and working to troubleshoot.
Hello! and yes, San Diego too. Still haven't been able to source the problem. MBZ of SD said it is likely a faulty Microswitch in the top.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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