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I have searched all over this forum and the web, watched the related yt videos countless times. I have an issue where the top will not drop in stage 2. Stage 1 seems fine. Even pressing the top open button a second time does nothing except a click from SAM. I have a service manual and the wiring diagram and understand how to test the 5 micro switches. But what I don’t understand is when the roof top (s84/37) and left +right (s84/38+40)cassette micro switches closes the circuit in relation to the movements of The soft top.

Question 1: I tested s84/37 with my finger closing the circuit within the rail and it grounds out. But when I fully open the top in stage 1 (top slides all the way back), the switch is still “open” or the trigger wire is not grounded. Is this normal? Should this switch close only when stage 2 (drop top) is activated where the top slides a little further back right before dropping?

question 2: both s84/38 and s84/40 micro switches are “open” no matter where the sliding top is in stage 1. Is this normal? Will the switch circuit close only in stage 2 when drop top is moved away from the upper side rails?

screenshot of the online manual for reference:
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thank you very much for your time and help!
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