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There are a bunch of us coming up on end of lease or ~3 years on these EVs. I'm curious how far we've all come...

As of April 2017...
SuperSmartie: 74,000 km or 46,000 mi
Schorschi:    52,304 km or 32,487 mi
Blaine:       40,000 km or 24,845 mi
VY78lS5XFG5O: 32,200 km or 20,000 mi
nconantj:     30,500 km or 19,000 mi
gewitzt:      28,300 km or 17,600 mi
svaraman:     28,300 km or 17,600 mi
sokoloff:     16,100 km or 10,000 mi
corbinh:      10,143 km or  6,300 mi
mdEVil:        9,660 km or  6,000 mi
levatino:      5,313 km or  3,300 mi
stevenvillatoro: 644 km or    400 mi

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Steady 500 miles a month for us - 20 months - 10,000 miles. Not a lease, although that's what my original plan was - didn't work out though.

2014 EV

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2014 smart ED.
Not a lease.
Bought it in February of 2016 for under $9K with over 5K mi.
1K mi per month freeway commuting and additional neighborhood errands.
Over 20K mi odometer so far.
The only problem: a flat tire.
Haven't lost any charge capacity.
I'm truly impressed with my smart.

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2014 Cabrio lease. 32,487 miles. Due for return 6/13/17. I'm thinking about getting a used Spark EV with a fast-charge option next. They are a rare animal in Florida, since they were only ever sold in California, Oregon and Maryland. Found three in Florida. Next closest is Atlanta, then North Carolina. Dirt cheap at under $10,000 with low mileage.
I like the acceleration of the Spark.
According to others it has tremendous pickup.
I would love to experience it.
Also, the Spark has lots of features that are unheard of for such a compact car.
And the price sounds right. You are lucky to have the opportunity to acquire one.

I've noticed you use an extension cord.
It seems to be very heavy duty.
Does it overheat?
I used extension cords for a while and they overheated.
I had to discontinue using them for I was afraid of a possible fire.
The extension cord you are using seems to be extraordinary.
It has very thick casing and the plugs look industrial grade.
Could you tell us more about it?
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