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'08 passion had a broken fuel pump nipple. Replaced the fuel pump w/ a used one from ebay. Don't know how used the ebay one was. Tried to take the plastic top (that has the nipple) off of the used ebay one to put on the original fuel pump w/ the broken nipple but was having a hard time so I put the ebay one in and it worked fine BUT been having a slower than normal start (everything is fine after it starts). Recently had to try a second time to start it which has never happened before. Seems like the start is getting slower. Really don't think a car w/ 55K would have a problem w/ the starter motor. Changed the sparks recently so its not that either. I think its the used fuel pump from ebay giving out.

Want to try to put the original pump back in (original pump works fine just had a broken nipple).
Will try to find someone who can remove the plastic top from the used ebay pump and put it on the original pump.

Since its '08 I want to change the fuel lines but don't know what size they are and I can't find a video or anything on how to change the fuel lines. Found a manual online but it doesn't say what size fuel line and how to chang it. ANY advice appreciated. :shrug:
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